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60. From One-to-One to One-to-Many: Scaling Your Coaching Business

60. From One-to-One to One-to-Many: Scaling Your Coaching Business

February 05, 20247 min read

Does this sound familiar? You're a coach, expert, or consultant who wants to grow your coaching business, but you're struggling to stand out and deliver impactful results. You've been told to focus on individual coaching, but you're feeling the pain of limited scalability and not reaching as many clients as you could. You're missing out on the opportunity to make a bigger impact and generate more revenue. It's time to shift your focus to group coaching and unleash the power of the Ten X Promise strategy for exponential growth.

"Playing it safe is just so boring. It's just a waste of everyone's time." - John Meese

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About John Meese

John Meese is a renowned best-selling author and a leading authority in helping entrepreneurs transition from one-on-one coaching to group coaching, unlocking unparalleled scalability. With a wealth of expertise, John has been instrumental in guiding thousands coaches and experts toward crafting and promoting impactful group coaching programs that drive substantial change. His deep understanding of the coaching landscape and innovative strategies make him the ideal guest to unpack the concept of creating a Ten X Promise for a group coaching program. With his unique insights and practical wisdom, John Meese promises to offer invaluable advice that can propel coaches toward unprecedented success in their businesses.

In this episode, You'll learn:

  • Create Irresistible Group Coaching Programs: Uncover the secrets to crafting group coaching programs that captivate and compel!

  • Unleash Your Ten X Promise: Discover the game-changing approach that skyrockets your coaching impact and results!

  • Generate Practical and Actionable Content: Master the art of delivering content that ignites action and delivers transformative results!

  • Embrace Continuous Improvement and Learning: Dive into the strategies that keep you at the top of your coaching game, always evolving and thriving!

  • Master Selling Coaching Programs: Uncover the proven methods for effortlessly selling your coaching programs with confidence and finesse!

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Understanding and Crafting Your Ten X Promise

If you're a coach looking to transition from one-on-one to group coaching, start by defining your Ten X Promise. This promise offers a transformational outcome for your audience and invites them to join you on an exciting journey. John used the example of how many coaches "talk about the medicine instead of the cure." Make your promise clear and and anchor it in the transformation your customers desire to see in themselves. John brought some killer insights to the table. Start by listing the results your ideal customers want and the obstacles in their way. Think of yourself as a Sherlock Holmes of coaching, going deeper into the "so what?" to uncover the real impact your people desire.

Marketing a Ten X Program

Not everyone is gonna fall head over heels for your Ten X Promise, and that's totally cool (actually, it's pretty awesome!). Your Promise is gonna laser-focus your efforts on the most committed and hungry-for-the-transformation clients. We're talking about the folks ready to invest in themselves and your flagship product! John shared an example from his clients, Sean Block and Jesse, who made explicit, big-ticket promises that addressed their clients' deepest desires. Being specific is the secret sauce that'll attract those dedicated super fans.

Strategizing Your Program Pricing

The pricing of your group coaching program shouldn't just mirror the value it offers–you should aim to deliver 10X more value than the price. If you're nervous about setting the price too high, remember that most people won't believe in a big promise with a cheap price tag. Basically, if you're promising a golden egg, make sure you're giving your clients a golden goose. John recommends pricing your first group coaching program at $2000 per person with a limit of 5 people. Gather testimonials and refine your program, then increase the price for future cohorts.

The Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Visit to access the free crash course on building a thriving online education business. This crash course covers core promises, creating a ten x promise for your flagship product, and understanding the big picture strategy for your online business.

  • Check out Survive and Thrive: How to Build a Profitable Business in Any Economy, Including This One and Always Be Teaching on Amazon or at your local bookshop for valuable resources on building a successful business.

  • Explore the show notes, blog posts, and resources for the Hustle Less Profit More podcast at to dive deeper into the topics discussed in the episodes.

Timestamped Summary of this Episode:

00:00:00 - Creating a 10X Promise
John Meese advises creating a list of desired results and roadblocks, then focusing on the most impactful outcome. He emphasizes the importance of a 10X promise that offers an identity-shifting promise of transformation.

00:03:07 - Importance of Clarity
John Meese highlights the significance of a clear promise for every product, especially in education and training. He stresses the need to focus on the promise of transformation rather than the features of the product.

00:06:24 - Crafting a 10X Promise
Mickey Anderson shares her struggle to create a 10X promise and how it was finally achieved. John Meese explains the formula for a 10X promise, which captures the desired result and the roadblock.

00:08:48 - Impact of Clarity
John Meese discusses the impact of a clear 10X promise on business success. He shares examples of clients who experienced significant growth and impact after getting clear on their promise of transformation.

00:11:24 - Creating the Ten X Promise
John advises starting with a rough draft of the Ten X promise, focusing on impactful outcomes for the target customer, and testing it with actual customers to refine and improve it.

00:12:11 - Making the Ten X Promise Specific
John emphasizes the importance of making the Ten X promise specific and impactful for customers, going beyond surface-level benefits to address deeper needs and desires.

00:13:32 - Testing the Ten X Promise
John recommends testing the Ten X promise with target customers through direct calls or a simple email template, focusing on the emotional impact and heart-centered messaging rather than detailed features.

00:15:35 - Importance of Group Coaching Programs
John highlights the effectiveness of group coaching programs in bridging the gap from one-on-one to one-to-many products, allowing for valuable customer feedback and refining of promises for other products.

00:19:12 - Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
John addresses the fear of not living up to the Ten X promise, encouraging a mindset shift towards embracing greatness and committing to delivering results, while also acknowledging the importance of belief and confidence in oneself and others.

00:22:00 - Commitment to Delivery
John emphasizes the importance of committing to delivering a ten x promise in group coaching programs, raising the bar for everyone involved.

00:22:56 - Tradeoff of Raising the Bar
Raising the bar may result in a smaller following, but those who do commit see significant results and impact.

00:25:42 - Pricing Framework and Value
John suggests starting with a premium price for coaching programs, aiming to deliver ten times the value of the price point. He emphasizes the importance of pricing to communicate the seriousness of the promise and commitment.

00:29:21 - Founding Member Pricing
John suggests founding member pricing for new coaching programs, using the initial cohort to gather case studies and testimonials to attract future clients.

00:30:16 - Niching Down and Intent
John explains the importance of focusing on the intent of the audience rather than specific demographics, emphasizing the psychological importance of intent over identity in marketing and coaching programs.

00:32:51 - Simplifying the Group Coaching Program Process
John Meese discusses the process of creating a group coaching program from scratch and emphasizes the importance of starting with the ten x promise to achieve desired outcomes.

00:33:46 - Balancing Knowledge and Experience
Meese highlights the significance of balancing knowledge and experience in group coaching programs, emphasizing the need for practical application and actionable takeaways for participants.

00:35:20 - Tailoring Teaching to Specific Needs
Meese shares insights on tailoring teaching methods and providing necessary tools and templates to support participants in applying newfound knowledge to their respective fields.

00:37:03 - Taking Action and Refinement
Meese underscores the importance of taking action early in group coaching programs and continuously refining the material based on real-time feedback and participant experiences.

00:40:25 - Accessing Valuable Resources
Meese introduces his free crash course on turning wisdom into wealth through building a thriving online education business, offering valuable insights on core promises and program development.

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